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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQs below before your stay.

What do I pack when making the trip to Interior Alaska?

Layers, bring plenty of clothes to layer on and peel off. There are bugs in the late spring and early summer - mosquitoes and no-see-ums and a few horseflies that mean business - long sleeves are good protection. A light jacket in the warmer season, warmer layers as things cool down. Spring comes with break-up; as things warm up, puddles form and rain begins to fall; boots and rain gear might not be a bad idea. Summers are pleasantly warm, fall is pleasantly cool, and winter is a whole other story - COLD. The newer cold-weather gear is light and great for layers. Wool works, too, but think about a windbreak as it blows here. Gloves, socks, and pocket hand warmers are never a bad idea.

Do you have an Internet connection?

WiFi is available throughout the building, with a desktop computer for guests use. Four common areas provide ample, comfortable seating near windows or the fireplace.

Make sure to ask for the WiFi password when you check in.

Where Can We Eat?

The Black Diamond is located off of Parks Highway on Otto Lake at mile 247, about 8 miles from the Inn, serves Alaskan Gourmet -American cuisine. From burgers to steaks and seafood, portions are generous. Shuttle van available.

The 49th State Brewing Company: is located off the Parks Highway (Hwy 3) Mile 248.4, or 5.5 miles from the Inn. Known for their "award winning buffalo wings" and their handcrafted beer from the full-service brewery.

Henry's Coffee Shop is located a mile past Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Totem Inn at mile 248.7, or 7.5 miles from the Inn, offers cafe and lounge.

Rose's is a favorite of Healy locals and frequent travelers of the Parks Highway and is just 4 miles from the B&B.

Canyon: Head down the Canyon, just before Denali National Park, and you have many choices: Denali Doghouse, The Perch, The Great Alaskan Fish & Chip co., Subway, Prospectors Pizzeria & Alehouse, Denali Salmon Bake, 229 Parks, McKinley Chalet Resort.

To see the Commercial Area down in the Canyon we have provided a map under the FAQ section. Check it out and see all the locations of the eateries, the places where you can shop, and where many activities are located.

Do you take American Express?

We take all major credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

60 days of reservation date = $35.00 cancellation fee.

30 days of reservation date = $45.00 cancellation fee.

Less than 30 days = forfeiture of deposit per room unless rebooked.

Can we see the Northern lights from here?

For daily forecasts and up-to-date information, visit the Aurora Forecast website.

What time can we check in/out?

Check-in is 4:00 p.m. or later; check-out no later than 11:00 a.m.

When is Quiet Time?

Quiet time is 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. Please be respectful of fellow guests who may turn in early for morning departures as early as 4 a.m. For those watching television in the common areas, we ask that you turn the volume down so not to disturb others. For the early risers, we ask for similar courtesy to those sleeping in.

Do you have RV plug-ins in the winter?

We're equipped for 12 vehicles.

Do you have laundry facilities?

We have laundry available for guests' use; however, it needs to be scheduled in advance and there is an additional fee for it's use.

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