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Guest Rooms

Barb Claspill, always dreaming of owning a B&B, has brought that special touch to each of the guest rooms. She spent many years traveling and collecting the décor of each room to bring out an individualized character or flavor of places that she traveled to during the "slow season" winter months. The rooms are designed for both comfort and usability. The plush futons in some of the larger rooms provide either comfortable lounging or can be made up to provide an extra double bed.

Large bed with red spread

Southwestern Room

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Large bed and bathroom vanity

Flower Garden Room

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Twin bed and paintings

Alaskan Room

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Two twin beds with a window between

Country Charm Room

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Victorian room with bed

Victorian Room

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large bed windows

Emerald Room

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twin bed with couch and window

Misty Blue Room

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twin bed with two chairs and dresser

Springtime Room

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Tall twin bed and window

Simpler Times Room

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Kitchen counter and two twin beds

Family Unit

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